News to go back to:

      Surprisingly, Mexico’s drug-fueled conflict does not seem to have taken
      much of a toll on economic growth. As the Wall Street Journal reports,
      Mexico’s GDP grew by 1.34 percent during the third quarter of this year,
      and experts believe that the country’s economy will grow four percent in
      total this year. Mexico is also on track to bring in $20 billion in foreign
      direct investment this year, which is as much as it received last year.
      Still, the article notes that smaller businesses are disproportionately
      affected by the violence, and are losing out in drug war hotspots like
      Ciudad Juarez.
      The office of Mexico’s attorney general announced on Tuesday that it would
      investigate reports that the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) used
      support from drug cartels in Michoacan to win the gubernatorial race and
      several congressional races in the state’s recent elections. Reuters
      reports that local television broadcast footage of an alleged Familia
      Michoacana leader instructing voters to support the PRI in the municipality
      of Tuzantla.

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