Mexico History timeline

Aztec capital – Tenochtitlan one of the largest cities in the world in early 1500s.  Conquered by Hernan Cortes in alliance with other native groups

Colonial Spanish economic system based on “repartimiento”, using indigenous labor.   Mexico part of the viceroyalty of “New Spain”

Mexican war of Independence

  • Started in 1910 by priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, who was captured and executed in 1911
  • Was in many ways a civil war between indigenous, criollos, and peninsulares.
  • José María Morelos assumed leadership of the rebel army
  • 1913 convened the Congress Chilpancingo, which issued the first official declaration of independence.
  • In 1921 a military coup in Spain led to conservative criollo forces in Mexico allying with rebel armies for independence.  The Treaty of Córdoba was signed with Spain, recognizing Mexican independence.  Iturbide was named “emperor”

1982 Mexican debt crisis

1986 Mexico enters GATT

1992 Agrarian Reform law


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